Mr. Chinaski’s children

The following is a work of fiction…Mostly.

“What’s the verdict?” Sienna asked as I put my seatbelt on.

“That guy? He’s queer as 3 dollar bill.”

“No way,” her deflated tone made me chuckle. I admired Sienna’s insanity about such things. We were always one conversation away from meeting someone new. Her boldness was inspiring. If the clerk at the liquor store had been straight, she would have gone inside and introduced herself.

“Believe me, you ain’t the first crazy white man I met.”

Sienna lit a cigarette and laughed in response. We drove to my parent’s house. It was still early and we had Tequila and German beer. Yum-a dum dum.

The intro to Iggy Pop’s Nightclubing runs a scrambled wave into my ear set. Into my delirium. And after watching the show Legion, everytime I listen to that song, I can’t help but think of the Shadow King.

Honestly, I can’t tell anymore, if what I’m doing would be considered art or just a junkie’s aversion to reality.

My 2nd story is just about dead in the water. I am close to finishing it but this process has been so God damn slow. The idea of writing witches and deranged entities who haunt tweakers as they floss the tile in their kitchen seemed fun, at first. It even seemed like something I could pull off after writing my first.

I have no idea what this is but I found it at ma’s house

It feels as if, most of this…whatever the fuck this is, has been just to keep the wolves at bay. And I’m starting to question the grotesqueness of my lackluster nature.

I was hyped about writing the next Twlight Zone. But with hand jobs. For some reason, grinding out another vowel has been…Hard? Yeah. That.

Life was okay. Inspite of it being another birthday.

Sienna and I spent the night yelling profanity from a park bench. It was nice. We smoked and just knocked off like a couple of misfits at a bullshit public school.

“Who are you waving at?”

“That woman by the river, down there. But I don’t think she can see me.”

“She’s not waving. She has the sun in her eyes. She’s using her hand as a visor.”

I turned to my right and set my beer down with care on the pavement. Sienna was up and walking toward the woman with sun in her eye.

“Where are you going?”

“She’s never gonna see me from way over there.”

I began to wonder if it was a mistake when Sienna stopped taking her Lithium.

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