This is the end part 2

“Call me old fashioned. But to some people, another woman sucking your man’s cock matters,” I attempted humor as a means of reassuring my friend as we stood on the balcony of her apartment.

Our conversation from break carried over into the night.

“Wait. Why did you say white trash Maury Povich?”

“I just assumed-“

“That I’m white, so I fuck white trash?”

“Well yeah.”

“He’s Puerto Rican you dick.”

Cyenna’s heart stretched over jagged agony for this little brown man. The tears of her love suprised me.

“I saw you got called into Sharon’s office. What was that about?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“J, you have no idea, I feel like I lost the family I almost had,” her eyes were scatter brained and dim.

She kept gurgling about her almost family. I was bored and I inattentive.

“Didn’t he borrow your phone and merge your Facebook accounts while you were grilling him some ribs?”

The thought of someone scamming my phone from me and using my contacts to fuck people on my friendslist made me queasy.

I laughed like a hyena.

“Sorry for laughing, your pain made me feel uncomfortable.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” For a moment I couldn’t tell if she was going along with the joke.

“You know I’m going to lose it and punch you, right?”

“Yeah. Just not in the face.”

We both looked at our beers. A shiver woke me and I understood that my friend had went through some fucked up shit.

“So, yeah, Sharon called me into the office,” I broke the silence as I applied a mood changing anecdote.

“You better watch yourself, I’m telling you this because I think you’re a hard worker and I like you,” Sharon says to.

“She says it like she’s privving me to some classified shit.”

“If I know Tawney, she’s gonna be out to get you…”

“Cyenna, never in my entire life would I have guessed that one day a 70 year old woman would be out to do me in.”

“And I don’t mean “do me in” like she wants to get me in the break room and suck me off (which would be equally disturbing)…But a 70 year old woman wants to put a knife in my back.”

The end

Thank you for reading my work. The work on here will stay up but I have began another site(s) to display my content. Best of luck on all your endeavours.

“This is the end, my only friend the end.”

Part 1

Our cigarettes accentuate the agony of our afternoon. It was Friday. Our last break of the day.

“We’ve been together almost 3 years. On and off.”

“And he still hasn’t left his wife?” I asked.

Cyenna reveled months of social media harrassment.

“So, half a year and he still keeps bothering you?”

“Well I wouldn’t call it-“

“You remember the first time you went in an elementary school restroom and saw toilet paper dripping from the ceiling?”

“Yeah,” her eyes furled blankly, “and?”

“Some people just wanna throw shit on the wall and see what sticks.”

We sat a moment, our perspectives organizing their talking points.

“So, let me see if I got this straight,” I attempted to talk my friend down from her cliff, “he got another woman pregnant, was trying to get you back, and was still married to a woman he has kids with?”

“Yeah,” Cyenna responded modestly.

“That sounds like a trailer park Maury Povich, baby daddy episode.”

“All Maury’s episodes are like that.”


“I don’t get it. Please stop talking in code,” her aggrivation bit through her teeth.

“The only reason he still emails you is because ruffling your feathers gets his dick hard.”

Her eyes simmered while the ringing from my aggressive message clung to the air.

Another silence

“The only way he feels valued is when he stirs up shit in order to force people to interact with him.”

“That’s not love,” I treaded carefully with my words.

“But I do love him.”

“I didn’t say you didn’t love him.”

(The video clip was taken from the movie Wonderland.)